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Self-esteem refers to the way we see or feel about ourselves. It can reflect how much – or little – value we place in ourselves. Low self-esteem or self-worth can result when we see ourselves in a negative light, judge ourselves too harshly, or don’t appreciate our own value.

What Does Low Self-Esteem Look Like?

Having a low sense of self-worth can affect so many areas of our lives – personally and professionally. Here are some common ways that low self-esteem can cause problems:

  • You may constantly criticize, blame, doubt, or put yourself down.
  • Your relationships may suffer due to a lack of confidence or tendency to isolate yourself from others.
  • Work or school performance may suffer.
  • You may not engage in certain hobbies or activities due to fear of judgment.
  • If you don’t think you deserve much, you may not take very good care of yourself. Maybe you don’t practice good self-care or you overuse/abuse alcohol, drugs, or food. 

Causes of Low Self-Esteem

There are a number of factors that can contribute to low self-esteem, including the following:

  • Early childhood experiences and beliefs
  • Extreme punishment, neglect, and abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual)
  • Lack of affection, praise, attention, etc.
  • Victim of shaming, teasing, bullying, prejudice, etc.
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in or measure up to others’ standards
  • Experiencing chronic stressor(s) or traumatic event(s)
  • Unrealistic parental or societal expectations
  • A symptom of something more serious, such as depression or an anxiety disorder

Treatment for Low Self-Esteem

One of the hallmarks of Deepwater Counseling is helping people learn to accept themselves. All of our counselors are culturally sensitive and nonjudgmental, and they will provide a safe place for you to begin to explore the root causes of your self-image. Therapy includes challenging negative core beliefs and developing healthy thinking styles, discovering your strengths and developing self-acceptance, building confidence, creating more realistic expectations, and maintaining healthy self-esteem. 

Ready to Feel Better?

If you’re ready to feel better about yourself, contact Deepwater Counseling today and get the acceptance and understanding you deserve. Call 734.203.0183 or email us here and we’ll match you with one of our caring and compassionate therapists.