Walk & Talk Therapy

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Walk and talk therapy is a unique and holistic approach that combines the benefits of traditional talk therapy with mild exercise. We know that walking is good for the body, but research also suggests that it’s good for the mind and further enhances the healing process. Simply being in nature is healing in itself!

How Does Walk and Talk Therapy Work?

You'll first meet your therapist at the office and the two of you will take a 50-55 minute walk down to one of the parks near our office, all while having your talk therapy session. The only difference is that you're walking side by side instead of sitting across from each other. To protect your privacy, your therapist will dress in comfortable clothes and shoes so as to not attract any attention. Your therapist will match your pace of walking and level of eye contact for your comfort. 

So how exactly does getting physical help with mental health? Exercise, such as walking, allows the brain to release certain neurotransmitters, or “feel good” chemicals. It also increases body temperature, which is thought to have a calming effect on the brain. Daily walking or other forms of moderate exercise can therefor help to alleviate depression and anxiety, as well as decrease blood pressure, making it the perfect stress buster.

By helping to release a lot of negative emotions, walking promotes mental clarity and positive thinking. It can boost self-esteem, increase energy levels, improve sleep quality, and allow you to connect with the natural world.

Is Walk and Talk Therapy for Everyone?

Walk and talk therapy is best suited for certain populations and conditions, such as teens and adults struggling with ADHD, anger, anxiety, compassion fatigue/burnout, depression, insomnia, stress, or trauma. It is especially beneficial for those who struggle with eye contact or who may feel uncomfortable sitting in an office.

Even though walk and talk sessions are held in every season, you have the option of having your session in our Ann Arbor office or even online during inclement weather, although some people choose to tough it out even on the worse days because they’ve built up their mental resilience, which is one of the many positive side effects – and ultimate goals – of walk and talk therapy!

If you are interested in learning more about walk and talk therapy or setting up an appointment, contact us here.